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Stocks Asia is specialized search engine for Indonesia stock news. It is built specifically for stock news, which demand punctuality and greater comprehension to the content.

Hundreds of sources including the stock exchange (BEI/IDX), mainstream media, financial media, analysts sites, securities companies, rating agencies, blogs, and sector specific portals are monitored and indexed in real-time to make sure that information is available seconds or minutes after they are published.

The comprehension capability allows the engine to extract stock symbols from bare tickers, company names, and even partial names and previous names depending on surrounding context, and to comprehend the topic being discussed by the article, allowing users to filter articles based on topics such as fundamental analysis, technical analysis, recommendations, foreign flow analysis, and corporate actions.

Further comprehension such as topic grouping and sentiment analysis based on deep learning are currently being developed.

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Stocks Asia is developed by Stosia (PT. Stosia Teknologi Investasi), a small team based in Surabaya, Indonesia.

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