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TALF Fed spells out terms of TALF rescue facility, potentially paving way to unleash funds in weeks - MarketWatch
13 May 2020 04:56 (1 bulan 22 hari lalu) - The Federal Reserve gave more specifics on Tuesday about its $100 billion emergency lending facility to keep credit flowing to consumers and businesses during the pandemic, a step that could get the program up and running in mid-June, according to a Fed official. The crisis-era program, called the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility, or TALF, was originally created more than a decade ago from the ashes of the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis, initially to keep the credit spigots open at the consumer-lending arms of companies like Ford Motor Co. F,-2.73% and American Express Co. AXP,-2.56%. Read: How the Fed plans to keep credit, a crux ...
TALF Fed to Disclose More Details for TALF, PPP Liquidity Programs By Bloomberg
13 May 2020 01:24 (1 bulan 22 hari lalu) - (Bloomberg) -- The Federal Reserve will disclose the names of borrowers for two more of its emergency lending programs on a monthly basis, responding to congressional pressure for greater transparency. The Fed will also disclose lending amounts and the interest rates for the Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility and the Paycheck Protection Program Liquidity Facility, the central bank said in a statement Tuesday. “The Federal Reserve remains committed to providing the public and Congress with detailed information about our efforts to support households and businesses during this unprecedented time,” said Federal Reserve Board Chair Jero ...
TALF Distress signals are flashing in U.S. commercial real estate. But will it need a TALF rescue? - MarketWatch
08 May 2020 05:24 (1 bulan 27 hari lalu) - Hotel rooms, office buildings and other commercial properties were lonely places last month as much of the nation operated under stay-at-home orders. Being a property owner might have made the lockdowns feel even lonelier. But as regions of the U.S. begin exploring ways to lift restrictive measures to contain the coronavirus and resume business, there is still plenty of uncertainty around what the toll will be on commercial properties, particularly since new protocols for returning to work, visiting the dentist and dining out are still being formed. Read: U.S. commercial real estate braces for defaults as pandemic cuts cash flows Barry St ...
TALF Financial Statements Full Year 2019 of TALF
06 May 2020 09:30 (1 bulan 29 hari lalu) - PT Tunas Alfin Tbk (TALF ) membukukan laba bersih pada tahun 2019 sebesar 26,8 miliar. Turun bila di bandingkan dengan periode yang sama di tahun 2018 sebesar 50,4 miliar. Dengan demikian, laba bersih per saham setara dengan Rp 19.11 per lembar. Berikut Laporan keuangan TALF Tahun 2019: Account Quarter 4 2019 Last Price 246 Share Out 1,4 B Market Cap. 332,9 B Balance Sheet Cash 33,2 B Total Asset 1.329,1 B S.T Debt 173,6 B L.T Debt 147,2 B Total Equity 1.008,3 B Income Statement Revenue ...
TALF Laba TALF Merosot 46% di Tahun 2019
04 May 2020 11:27 (2 bulan 1 hari lalu) - Pasardana.id- PT Tunas Alfin Tbk (TALF) pada akhir tahun 2019 mencatatkan laba bersih sebesar Rp26,75 miliar atau turun 46,9% dibanding 2018, yang mencatatkan laba bersih sebesar Rp50,38 miliar. Data tersebut tersaji dalam laporan keuangan 2019 telah audit emiten produsen kemasan itu, yang dimuat pada laman Bursa Efek Indonesia, Senin (4/5/2020). Jelasnya, dalam laporan keuangan tersebut tertera penjualan sepanjang tahun 2019, tercatat sebesar Rp924,65 miliar atau turun 0,18% dibanding akhir 2018, yang tercatat sebesar Rp926,32 miliar. Sedangkan beban pokok penjualan, tercatat sebesar Rp816,53 miliar atau naik 2,51% dibanding akhir tahun 2 ...
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TALF BlackRock, Voya Revive a Credit Trade That Returned Double-Digits By Bloomberg
30 Apr 2020 19:16 (2 bulan 4 hari lalu) - (Bloomberg) -- Money managers are reviving one of the most profitable credit trades of 2009, thanks to the Federal Reserve. Dozens of firms, from BlackRock Inc (NYSE: BLK). and Voya Financial (NYSE: VOYA) Inc. to credit specialists Palmer Square (NYSE: SQ) Capital Management and Varadero Capital, are raising funds to deploy into a central bank lending program that’s being resurrected to support the flow of consumer credit, according to people with knowledge of the matter. They’re seeking to replicate the windfalls many enjoyed in the aftermath of the financial crisis when, by taking advantage of low-cost loans via the Term Asset-Backed Secu ...
TALF How the Fed plans to keep credit, a crux of the American economy, flowing to U.S. consumers during the pandemic - MarketWatch
10 Apr 2020 07:29 (2 bulan 25 hari lalu) - Millions of lost jobs might not make U.S. consumers feel like shopping for a new car or taking up more debt in the midst of a global pandemic. But when, and if, American households are ready to start spending again on credit, the Federal Reserve plans to be there to help make it happen. The Fed on Thursday said it would lend up to $2.3 trillion through a series of emergency facilities to help shore up the American economy, an expansion of its efforts announced last month, as the nation largely stays shut to contain the deadly coronavirus. Read: Here’s a breakdown of the Fed’s rescue programs to keep credit flowing during the coronavirus pa ...
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