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SAFE SAFE eyes Jakarta electric bus project | IDNFinancials
14 Sep 2021 10:45 (4 bulan 10 hari lalu) - JAKARTA – The provincial government of DKI Jakarta is said to add 400 electric buses to the Transjakarta fleet within the next two years. Jhon Pieter Sembiring, President Director of PT Steady Safe Tbk (SAFE), notices a vast opportunity to collaborate with the Jakarta government to provide electric buses. “The plan of adding 400 units of electric buses within the next two years offers a new opportunity for the operator to cooperate with Jakarta provincial government,” he confirms in the written public expose, quoted Tuesday (14/9). According to Sembiring, his company had formed a partnership with Regionally Owned Enterprises (BUMD), PT Tran ...
SAFE Exclusive: China's FX regulator surveyed banks, companies on yuan risk - sources By Reuters
30 Aug 2021 17:05 (4 bulan 24 hari lalu) - BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - China's currency regulator has been conducting a rare survey of banks and companies to ask about their risk management processes and ability to handle volatility in the yuan, three banking and policy sources told Reuters. The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) surveyed "how companies in different sectors managed their FX exposure and how they used hedging tools", said one of the sources, who was directly involved in the survey. Two other sources, also directly involved, said the survey conducted this month was different from the routine quarterly questionnaire that banks submit on their proprietary ...
SAFE IHSG FORU LUCK 10 Saham Top Gainers Hari Ini Rabu 5 Mei 2021, Saham di Bawah Rp1.000 Berpesta - Market
05 May 2021 16:40 (8 bulan lalu) -, JAKARTA - Sejumlah saham di bawah Rp1.000 berkapitalisasi mini melonjak tinggi di tengah penguatan Indeks Harga Saham Gabungan (IHSG) pada Rabu (5/5/2021). Saham PT Steady Safe Tbk. (SAFE) melonjak 34,97 persen atau 57 poin menjadi Rp220. Selanjutnya, saham PT Fortune Indonesia Tbk. (FORU) melompat 34,94 persen atau 58 poin menuju Rp224. Saham PT Sentral Mitra Informatika Tbk. (LUCK), yang sempat ramai karena disebut dalam kasus investasi Jouska, naik 34,81 persen menjadi Rp182. Saham PT Inter Delta Tbk. (INTD), yang belakangan melonjak tajam, naik 34,74 persen menuju Rp256. Baca Juga: Saham Kertas Grup Sinar Mas Pimpin Penguat ...
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SAFE Cannabis banking bill heads to Senate, but future still unclear By Reuters
20 Apr 2021 22:40 (9 bulan lalu) - By Shariq Khan (Reuters) - The U.S. cannabis industry is hoping that the fourth time is a charm for a major banking reform bill that is once again headed to the Senate for approval after a comfortable victory in the U.S. House of Representatives. The House voted 321-101 on Monday to approve a legislation that would allow banks to provide services to cannabis companies in states where it is legal. The bill states that proceeds from legitimate cannabis businesses would not be considered illegal and directs federal regulators to craft rules for how they would supervise such banking activity. Banks have generally been unwilling to do business ...
SAFE UPDATE: Cannabis stocks rally premarket after House passes SAFE Banking Act - MarketWatch
20 Apr 2021 18:48 (9 bulan lalu) - Cannabis stocks rallied across the board in premarket trade Tuesday, with the Cannabis ETF THCX,-1.01% up 4.6%, after the House voted 321 to 101 in favor of a bill that would protect banks that do business with companies in states that have legalized the plant for medicinal or recreational purposes from federal enforcement action. The so-called SAFE Banking Act -- SAFE stands for Secure and Fair Enforcement -- aims to open up the federally insured banking system to cannabis companies, that have been starved of capital and forced to do much of their business in cash. The bill would exempt cannabis business transactions from being considered ...
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SAFE Opinion: Productivity will calm inflation this year — these are the types of stocks you’ll want to own - MarketWatch
22 Feb 2021 19:24 (11 bulan lalu) - President Biden’s desire to “go big” on spending has instilled big fears in some investors. They’re worried too much stimulus will spark excessive inflation, which can hurt stocks in three ways. 1. If companies can’t pass along rising costs, margins and profit growth crumbles. 2. If they do pass on rising costs to customers, widespread inflation can make the Federal Reserve tighten monetary policy — a main cause of bear markets. 3. If neither happens, rising inflation can lead to higher bond yields. As a result, fixed income as an asset class becomes more attractive. And rising rates erode the present value of future earnings. Valuation m ...
SAFE SAFE Seas Dorong Kesejahteraan Awak Kapal Perikanan |
22 Feb 2021 14:24 (11 bulan lalu) - Foto: dok. Potensi ekonomi kelautan Indonesia diprediksi besarnya sekitar US$ 1,3 triliun per tahun. Hanya sana sampai saat ini, potensi kelautan dan perikanan Indonesia belum dikelola secara optimal, dan baru mampu menyumbang 3,7 persen dari Pendapatan Domestik Bruto (PDB). Sayangnya, besarnya potensi ekonomi kelautan Indonesis belum bisa tergarap maksimal mengingat adanya berbagai kendala, terutama dalam pengelola an SDM. Dalam webinar bertajuk "Kepastian Upah Minimum bagi Awak Kapal Perikanan dalam Kacamata UU Cipta Kerja" yang digelar oleh Yayasan Plan International Indonesia melalui SAFE Seas Project, Direktur SAFE Seas Project, Nono S ...
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