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IATA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek/Perubahan Struktur Pemegang Saham
IATA IATA plans a business expansion with a capital of Rp 2 trillion | IDNFinancials
11 Sep 2019 11:01 (1 bulan 6 hari lalu) - JAKARTA. PT Indonesia Transport & Infrastructure Tbk (IATA), a provider of aircraft and helicopter rental services, plans to expand its business line with a capital of Rp 2 trillion. According to information circulating in the capital market, IATA plans to develop new business lines, namely marine aircraft, air medical services, to the delivery of goods by unmanned aircraft. Andi Tenri Dala, Corporate Secretary of IATA, confirmed the existence of business expansion plans. But he has not confirmed the new business models that will be developed. "IATA management has not yet determined the business model in detail for the business expansion ac ...
IATA Penjelasan atas Pemberitaan Media Massa
IATA Airlines see new government in Venezuela as key to repayment of debt: IATA By Reuters
11 Sep 2019 08:09 (1 bulan 7 hari lalu) - PANAMA CITY (Reuters) - International airlines are pinning their hopes on a change of government in Venezuela before some $4 billion owned to the firms by the state might be repaid, a top executive with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said on Tuesday. Venezuela has suffered a severe economic and political crisis over the past several years, including wide-spread shortages of basic goods and soaring inflation, which has also caused debts owed to the airlines to pile up. Due in large part to strict currency controls in place since 2003, the government of President Nicolas Maduro has for years failed to reimburse the airline ...
IATA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek/Perubahan Struktur Pemegang Saham
IATA Global regulator discrepancies over Boeing 737 MAX worry IATA
04 Sep 2019 08:56 (1 bulan 13 hari lalu) - KONTAN.CO.ID - CHICAGO. The head of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) warned on Tuesday that any discrepancy among global regulators over reapproving Boeing Co's 737 MAX for commercial flight could set a worrying precedent for future aircraft programs. The 737 MAX, Boeing's newest single-aisle aircraft, was grounded worldwide in March after two deadly crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia within five months. Boeing is updating flight control software at the center of both crashes that must be approved by regulators before the planes can fly commercially again. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has traditionally tak ...
IATA 'Flight shaming' threatens air travel demand beyond Europe: IATA chief By Reuters
04 Sep 2019 08:50 (1 bulan 13 hari lalu) - By Tracy Rucinski CHICAGO (Reuters) - This summer, U.S. airlines have enjoyed booming flight demand, immune to a Swedish-born "flight shaming" movement that has hit air travel in Europe, where environmentally conscious travelers are choosing trains over planes. But the head of global lobby International Air Transport Association (IATA) says the environmental challenge, which he called the biggest threat to the airline industry in Europe, "will probably come to other parts of the world, especially North America." "If you believe or think that the environmental concern is a world concern touching everyone on the planet (...) there's no reaso ...
IATA IATA 'worried' about regulatory discrepancy over Boeing 737 MAX By Reuters
04 Sep 2019 01:37 (1 bulan 14 hari lalu) - CHICAGO (Reuters) - International Air Transport Association Director General Alexandre de Juniac is "worried" about the discrepancy among global regulators with regard to the process of re-approving Boeing Co's (N: BA) grounded 737 MAX for flight and the precedent it may set for future aircraft programs. The MAX was grounded worldwide in March after two fatal crashes within a span of five months.
IATA Resurrected Uganda Airlines flies into crowded African skies By Reuters
30 Aug 2019 15:03 (1 bulan 18 hari lalu) - By Omar Mohammed NAIROBI (Reuters) - Uganda Airlines has taken to the skies once more after almost two decades out of action, but flies into a crowded aviation market in Africa where carriers have the weakest finances and emptiest planes of any region in the world. The state carrier launched commercial flights on Wednesday, its first since it was liquidated in 2001, aiming to take a slice of the East African aviation business that is dominated by Ethiopian Airlines, the continent's success story. Uganda is the latest African government to pour money into national flag carriers; Tanzania and Senegal are also resurrecting their airlines, whi ...
IATA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek/Perubahan Struktur Pemegang Saham
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