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FIRE Financial Statements Full Year 2018 of FIRE
12 Apr 2019 14:39 (12 hari lalu) - PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE ) membukukan rugi bersih pada tahun 2018 sebesar 2,9 miliar. Naik bila di bandingkan dengan periode yang sama di tahun 2017 yang mengalami kerugian sebesar 1,1 miliar. Dengan demikian, rugi bersih per saham setara dengan Rp 1.96 per lembar. Berikut Laporan keuangan FIRE Tahun 2018: Account Quarter 4 2018 Last Price 6175 Share Out 1,5 B Market Cap. 9.051,4 B Balance Sheet Cash 42,8 B Total Asset 573,2 B S.T Debt 241,9 B L.T Debt 8,1 B Total Equity 323,2 B ...
FIRE Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek/Perubahan Struktur Pemegang Saham
FIRE Keterbukaan Informasi Yang Perlu Diketahui Publik Lapora Data Hutang dalam Valas periode Maret 2019
FIRE Laporan Bulanan Aktivitas Eksplorasi
FIRE These people left their jobs behind to retire early — then life got in the way. Here’s how they coped with FIRE plans gone wrong - MarketWatch
06 Apr 2019 00:50 (18 hari lalu) - Gwen Merz, 28, is doing something she thought she’d never have to do again: hunt for a job. Earlier in her 20s, she set a goal to “retire” from full-time work at age 35, but she later decided to move that date up to 27. She wasn’t going to “retire” completely, but work flexibly after quitting her job. At that time, she planned to move to Minneapolis to be with her boyfriend. She saved more than $130,000 in a 401(k), about $25,000 in a Roth IRA and kept $20,000 in cash. She also had about $5,000 in a taxable investment account and $10,000 in a health savings account. She also hoped to access a pension she had been entitled to. To supplement ...
FIRE This couple is one year away from having enough money to retire early — here’s what they did - MarketWatch
01 Apr 2019 22:35 (22 hari lalu) - Jose and Tatiana are well on their way to retiring early. The couple reached financial independence in 2017, and have 30 times the $40,000 they intend to spend each year in retirement. They work at an investment firm and save 70% of their incomes, and in recent years have cut their spending from $110,000 a year to $44,000 a year. Paring down expenses was certainly one way to reach early retirement, but it wasn’t the only one — and it isn’t a path all individuals aspiring to retire early can try anyway. The couple knew how much they wanted to save, as well as how much they want to withdraw each year for retirement (about 4% a year) and calcu ...
FIRE Penyampaian Bukti Iklan Informasi Laporan Keuangan Tahunan
FIRE Here’s why you shouldn’t retire super early — even if you can - MarketWatch
31 Mar 2019 21:34 (23 hari lalu) - Sam Dogen, a San Francisco-based blogger at the Financial Samurai, retired in 2012 when he was 34. Despite the many perks of early retirement — waking up whenever you want, for example — it wasn’t the easiest decision. Dogen said he suffered an identity crisis after giving up his title as executive director at an investment firm. He also doubted himself for the first few years of early retirement. He stopped telling people that he had retired early because he worried they just wouldn’t understand. He was disappointed he didn’t feel happier with his supposedly carefree life. “I’m an extrovert who enjoys constant human interaction,” he told Ma ...
FIRE This first year of early retirement has been one of the hardest of my life - MarketWatch
24 Mar 2019 00:13 (1 bulan 1 hari lalu) - I was an avid reader of financial independence, retire early (FIRE) blogs on the path to my own early retirement. They served as inspiration and education. However, I found them to be an echo chamber. Each tries to outdo the next in an effort to show you how to optimize your life. Then you can retire sooner to a lifetime of carefree bliss. That’s all great. Except it’s not true. Sure, there are elements of truth in every FIRE blog. Just as reality TV reflects some elements of reality. Any time we tell a story, we share details to help convey the message we want. Simultaneously, we leave out parts that don’t fit the narrative. My wife and ...
FIRE This 24-year-old is on track to save $100,000 by age 25, and she has advice for other women who want to be rich - MarketWatch
16 Mar 2019 21:22 (1 bulan 8 hari lalu) - Tori Dunlap made a deal with herself — she wants to have $100,000 when she’s 25, but she doesn’t mind if it doesn’t happen until the day before her 26th birthday. The 24-year-old says she’s on track to make that goal a reality, and it comes mostly from having a strong education in finance from an early age. Dunlap, who has a full-time job and a side business, both in finance, was given financial literacy lessons from her parents from a young age. She wants to help women everywhere feel the same sense of empowerment her financial education gives her. Dunlap has been working since she was 9 years old, and started saving for retirement at 21. ...
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