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FIRE How one millennial managed to save almost $1 million in 10 years without ever earning a salary of more than $75,000 - MarketWatch
21 Aug 2019 01:14 (4 hari lalu) - This millennial claims he was FIRE before FIRE became popular. FIRE refers to the “financial independence, retire early” movement bubbling up in the younger generation these days as a pathway out of the grind — slash expenses, save a bundle and enjoy the freedom that approach ultimately allows. Read: Suze Orman’s bleak take on FIRE Using the name FluffayPenguin, one anonymous thirtysomething took to Reddit to illustrate his FIRE blueprint, which allowed him to graduate college in 2008 and build a small chunk of change all the way up to $930,000 in savings. “My salary ($55K-$75K) has never been particularly high, so FIRE was always an attr ...
FIRE Financial Statements 2Q 2019 of FIRE
13 Aug 2019 11:06 (12 hari lalu) - PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE ) membukukan laba bersih pada Quarter 2 2019 sebesar 8,6 miliar. Naik bila di bandingkan dengan periode yang sama di tahun 2018 yang mengalami kerugian sebesar 12,0 miliar. Dengan demikian, laba bersih per saham setara dengan Rp 5.76 per lembar. Berikut Laporan keuangan FIRE Quarter 2 2019: Account Quarter 2 2019 Last Price 2210 Share Out 1,5 B Market Cap. 3.257,2 B Balance Sheet Cash 19,3 B Total Asset 558,1 B S.T Debt 210,9 B L.T Debt 10,1 B Total Equity 337, ...
FIRE Early retirement sounds amazing, but it can take a toll on your mental health - MarketWatch
12 Aug 2019 22:48 (12 hari lalu) - Jordan, a physician from Illinois, earned a fat paycheck, was frugal and had real-estate investments — a perfect candidate for early retirement, some might say. When he learned about the FIRE movement, short for “Financial Independence, Retire Early,” Jordan knew his savings were enough to quit a practice that was slowly burning him out. But the idea of being financially independent made him anxious. Jordan felt he would not only be leaving a job, but the identity of a doctor that he worked so hard to build. “I knew I was getting tired of it, but it was never a reality to stop being a physician and start being something else,” said Jordan, ...
FIRE Dari Rugi, PT Alfa Energi Investama (FIRE) Raih Laba Rp8,64 Miliar di Semester I 2019 - Emitennews - Market & Update
12 Aug 2019 11:15 (13 hari lalu) - – PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE) hingga semester I 2019 meraih penjualan sebesar Rp478,79 miliar meningkat 70,89 persen dari penjualan periode sama tahun sebelumnya yang hanya Rp280,17 miliar. Dalam laporan keuangan FIRE yang diternitkan Senin (12/8) disebutkan, pertumbuhan itu membuat perseroan meraih Laba usaha sebesar Rp14,07 miliar dari rugi usaha yang diderita Rp12,27 miliar tahun sebelumnya dan laba sebelum pajak diraih sebesar Rp10,39 miliar usai mencatat rugi sebelum pajak Rp16,02 miliar tahun sebelumnya. Sedangkan laba yang dapat diatribusikan ke pemilik entitas induk diraih Rp8,64 miliar dari rugi yang dapat di ...
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FIRE Alfa Energy managed to record better performance than last year | IDNFinancials
12 Aug 2019 13:11 (13 hari lalu) - JAKARTA - PT Alfa Energi Investama Tbk (FIRE) has recovered from its bad performance in the first semester of last year by recording net profit. In the first half of this year, the company generated Rp 8.63 billion in net profit, much better than its record in the same period of last year (loss of Rp 11.99 billion). Based on the company's financial statements, Alfa Energy generated Rp 478.79 billion in revenue, higher than its record last year of Rp 280.17 billion. The biggest contributors to the company's revenue including PT LG Electronics Indonesia and PT PLN. Last year, these two companies did not contribute to FIRE's revenue. Other con ...
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