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KINO EXCL Danareksa Equity Snapshot - Banking Sector (OVERWEIGHT) Sufficient liquidity
17 Jan 2019 09:34 (13 jam lalu) - FROM EQUITY RESEARCH Banking: Sufficient liquidity (OVERWEIGHT) Our tracker shows that there is sufficient liquidity within the banking system (IDR352.3tn average-4 weeks as of December 2018) despite the total 175bps of policy rate hikes last year. The sufficient liquidity is mostly a reflection of BI’s dual intervention and more flexible primary reserve requirement policy, in our view. Going forward, we expect the pressure from the recent policy rate hikes to have more impact on the medium and small banks given their lower CASA deposits contribution to total customer deposits. Maintain OVERWEIGHT with BBRI and BBNI as our top picks given ...
EXCL Setelah Capai Target Pelemahan, EXCL Memulai Reboundnya
14 Jan 2019 16:34 (3 hari 6 jam lalu) - Setelah mencapai target pelemahan pola bearish head and shoulders seperti yang direkomendasikan dalam EXCL Memasuki Trend Turun dan kembali diulas dalam EXCL Capai Target Pelemahan, EXCL berkonsolidasi. Jika EXCL mampu menguat menembus resisten barunya di 2270, EXCL akan membentuk pola bullish inverted head and shoulders yang menandakan bahwa EXCL berpeluang kembali ke fase uptrend. Rekomendasi: Buy kalau naik di atas 2270. Target pertama di 2550. Dan target kedua di 2800. Analisa Saham EXCL Sebelumnya 01-November-2018: EXCL Capai Target Pelemahan 02-Oktober-2018: EXCL Memasuki Trend Turun
EXCL EXCL kembali dalam area konsolidasinya, what next??
06 Jan 2019 20:00 (11 hari lalu) - EXCL sedang dalam berkonsolidasi sehat dalam area 1930-2100, MACD mulai menanjak, menandakan dalam potensi ke harga yang lebih tinggi. Target major EXCL di area 2510, dengan target minor di area 2300. Rekomendasi: Buy if break 2100, cutloss if break 1930 Disclaimer On
EXCL SCMA Danareksa Equity Snapshot - 20 Desember 2018
20 Dec 2018 14:34 (28 hari lalu) - FROM EQUITY RESEARCH Property : Positive Sentiment Play (OVERWEIGHT) We believe that the share prices of property companies are likely to rally ahead of their fundamentals, given the more dovish outlook. We foresee a pick-up in demand only in 2H19, after the presidential elections are completed. Upgrade to OVERWEIGHT (from NEUTRAL) with BSDE as our top pick. To see the full version of this report, please click here  Surya Citra Media: Increasing its digital footprint ( SCMA IJ.IDR 1,895.BUY.TP IDR 2,350 ) SCMA expects to acquire two companies in the beginning of 2019, namely Vidio.com and Kapan Lagi Youniverse. While ...
EXCL Premier Insight : EXCL, home broadband cooperates with Indian film entertainment company, Eros International PLC (EROS)
14 Dec 2018 09:27 (1 bulan 4 hari lalu) - Download PDF XL Axiata (EXCL IJ; Rp1,945; Buy)'s home broadband cooperates with Indian film entertainment company, Eros International PLC ( EROS ). EROS, a lobal company in Indian film entertainment, announced that "Eros Now", Eros' digital over-the-top (OTT) South Asian entertainment platform, has partnered with XL Home. XL Home is home broadband service backed with fiber optic. Erox Now's library includes over than 11K films, original show, and music videos. Through this cooperation, consumer can access home entertainment with fibre optic internet (month and annual subscription price is Rp26K and Rp260K respectively). (Street Insider). Co ...
EXCL Danareksa Equity Snapshot - 06 Desember 2018
06 Dec 2018 15:40 (1 bulan 12 hari lalu) - FROM EQUITY RESEARCH Bank Central Asia: Fully valued (BBCA IJ. IDR 26,150. HOLD.TP IDR 28,000) We maintain our HOLD call on BBCA with a new TP of IDR28,000 (implying 3.8x 2019F P/BV) as we also roll over our valuation to 2019F. Loans growth will moderate to 11.8% next year due to BBCA’s conservative management style. On the funding side, we do not expect more room for a lower blended CoF given the minimal impact from the recent cut in the bank’s savings rate to 1.45% p.a. We also assume a minor increase in the fee income contribution to 19.2% of total operating income in FY19F (9M18: 18.7%). To see the full version of this ...
EXCL Premier Insight : EXCL, fixed broadband (XL Home) cooperates with Netflix
06 Dec 2018 09:36 (1 bulan 12 hari lalu) - Download PDF EXCL : XL Axiata's (EXCL IJ; Rp1,890; Buy) fixed broadband (XL Home) cooperates with Netflix. This cooperation will give subscriber more choices of TV contents (movies, TV series, documentaries, including family and kids) via XL Home entertainment Box, according to EXCL . XL Home also expands service to 5 new cities (Jakarta, Denpasar, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, and Makassar), after entering Bogor, Tangerang, and Bekasi. (Investor Daily) Comment: This might give slight positive sentiment to EXCL . We view insignificant impact to our short-term EBITDA estimates as contribution from EXCL 's fixed broadband might be insignifican ...
EXCL ISAT Danareksa Equity Snapshot - Telco price trends (OVERWEIGHT) Quick fix in data prices accomplished
21 Nov 2018 10:32 (1 bulan 27 hari lalu) - Telcoprice trends Quick fix in data prices accomplished   We see the increase in TSEL’s July – August data prices as a much-needed quick fix applied nationwide, while in October TSEL fine-tuned its prices further. We do not expect much upside in data yields in 4Q18 as: a) TSEL slightly reduced the prices of key 3-10GB data package denominations, b) EXCL and ISAT penetrated ex-Java areas with promo prices pressurizing yields and maintaining market intensity. ISAT raised the prices of some of its data package denominations in November from a relatively low base.   A healthier industry and better prices are still far away. We are still far ...
EXCL Premier Insight : EXCL, data traffic in Central Java increased by +75%YoY
08 Nov 2018 09:15 (2 bulan 10 hari lalu) - Download PDF EXCL : XL Axiata (EXCL IJ; Rp2,160; Buy)'s data traffic in Central Java increased by +75%YoY. EXCL 's data users in Central Java accounted 64% of subscribers in Central Java. (IndoTelko). Comment: Neutral as contribution from Central Java's data traffic growth to total total revenue and profitability from data might yet significant (or lagging impact to profitability). There might be lack of catalyst to EXCL until more clarity on industry's view and growth trend based on 4Q18F result and 2019F guidance announcement. We have a Buy for EXCL with TP Rp3,000. Sumber: IPS RESEARCH
EXCL Analisa Saham EXCL | 7 November 2018
07 Nov 2018 07:45 (2 bulan 11 hari lalu) - MNCS COMPANY UPDATE PT XL Axiata Tbk (EXCL) - BUY; TP: Rp3.100 The Data Centric Player 3Q18 Highlights: Showing Recovery in Quarterly Basis EXCL membukukan pendapatan sebesar Rp5,85 triliun, peningkatan 5,44% QoQ di 3Q18 terutama didorong oleh monetisasi data. Bisnis data tumbuh sebesar 6,60% QoQ / 6,90% YoY di 3Q18 berkontribusi ~ 64% terhadap total pendapatan, sementara bisnis non-data menurun. Pendapatan EXCL turun –0,07% YoY menjadi Rp16,89 tn sejalan dengan perkiraan kami yang mewakili 71,48% / 72,39% dari perkiraan Konsensus / MNCS. Sementara itu, EXCL mencatatkan kerugian sebesar IDR144,81 miliar pada 9M18 karena EBIT lebih rendah se ...
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