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CPRI Europe lockdowns expected to dent Capri revenue, China in focus By Reuters
03 Feb 2021 02:24 (8 bulan lalu) - By Uday Sampath Kumar (Reuters) - Capri Holdings (NYSE: CPRI) is expected to post a fourth straight fall in quarterly revenue on Wednesday as the blow from fresh lockdowns in Europe eclipses a China-driven recovery in sales of its luxury handbags and apparel. A spike in coronavirus infections from late last year forced many European governments to put their economies back into lockdown, keeping consumers away from stores during the crucial holiday shopping season. Capri not only has to deal with store closures in Europe and sluggish department store traffic due to the pandemic, but also a "stale" Michael Kors brand image, Jane Hali & Assoc ...
CPRI Coronavirus update: Global death toll tops 700,000 with 18.5 million confirmed cases and U.S. accounts for more than a quarter - MarketWatch
06 Aug 2020 00:56 (1 tahun 2 bulan lalu) - The number of confirmed deaths across the globe from the coronavirus illness COVID-19 climbed above 700,000 on Wednesday, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University, as the case tally climbed above 18.5 million, with the U.S. accounting for 4.77 million of that total, or more than a quarter. The U.S. death toll is now edging toward 157,000 after averaging more than 1,000 a day for nine straight days. The U.S. counted at least 1,348 new deaths on Tuesday and more than 53,000 new cases. Fourteen states are showing rising cases over a 14-day period, according to a New York Times tracker, while 30 states are showing cases to be muc ...
CPRI Coronavirus update: U.S. case tally climbs above 2.6 million, and top Republicans now call on Americans to wear face masks - MarketWatch
01 Jul 2020 23:10 (1 tahun 3 bulan lalu) - The number of confirmed cases of the coronavirus illness COVID-19 in the U.S. climbed above 2.6 million on Wednesday, a day after Dr. Anthony Fauci said new cases could spike to more than 100,000 a day if the fresh clusters emerging in southern and western states are not brought under control. Cases have been rising in 35 states in the last 14 days, according to a New York Times tracker, led by California, Texas and Florida. State officials in Texas, California, Florida, Arizona and Kansas, among others, have taken measures in the past few days to encourage their citizens to stop gathering indoors and to observe the measures that health expe ...
CPRI Coronavirus update: U.S. death toll tops 90,000; Trump slams WHO, says he’s taking hydroxychloroquine to stave off COVID-19 - MarketWatch
20 May 2020 00:28 (1 tahun 5 bulan lalu) - The U.S. death toll from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 rose above 90,000 on Tuesday, as President Donald Trump again threatened to cut off funding for the World Health Organization, accusing its leaders of failing to react quickly or aggressively enough at the start of the outbreak. In a letter to WHO Director General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Trump leveled some of the same charges at the WHO as have been made against his own administration, which has been criticized for its slow response to the crisis and for failing to manage testing and secure needed medical supplies. Trump said the agency “consistently ignored credible repo ...
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