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BACA Britain plans to apply Basel bank capital rules in full By Reuters
12 Mar 2020 01:11 (28 hari lalu) - By Huw Jones LONDON (Reuters) - Britain said on Wednesday it plans to fully implement globally-agreed bank capital rules that were a response to the financial crisis a decade ago. Tougher Basel capital rules were devised by global financial regulators to prevent a repeat of the 2008 crisis when taxpayers had to bail out undercapitalized banks. Much of the package has been implemented but some remaining elements will come into force over the next few years and European banks have been lobbying to water some of them down. Britain's finance ministry said it intends to implement recent revisions to the Basel capital rules to demonstrate "the ...
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BACA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
BACA Penjelasan atas Pemberitaan Media Massa
BACA Laporan Penggunaan Dana Hasil Penawaran Umum
BACA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
BACA Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
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BACA EU Commission to propose bank capital reform by June: Dombrovskis By Reuters
12 Nov 2019 16:15 (4 bulan 29 hari lalu) - BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission could propose new rules on bank capital in the European Union by June, to introduce a reform that was agreed globally nearly two years ago, the EU finance commissioner said on Tuesday. Under the new rules agreed with the United States, and known as Basel III, an "output floor" would limit the extent to which a bank's capital requirements, based on the lender's own risk model, can diverge from how they would be calculated under a more conservative model set by regulators. The aim is to increase banks' ability to withstand financial shocks. Valdis Dombrovskis said the EU executive was aiming at ma ...
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