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ASRM Asuransi Ramayana to distribute the dividends of IDR 46 per share | IDNFinancials
12 Jul 2021 18:12 (19 hari lalu) - JAKARTA. PT Asuransi Ramayana Tbk (ASRM), an insurance company owning assets of IDR 1.52 trillion, would give out the cash dividend of IDR 46 per share. It adds up to IDR 13.99 billion. Parlindungan Manurung, Corporate Secretary of Asuransi Ramayana, explains that the plan follows the decision of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting last week. In the said meeting, the shareholders agreed to allot 21.34% of the total net profit of 2020 as the cash dividend. Meanwhile, the remaining net profit, amounting to IDR 39.12 billion, is stored as the unrestricted retained earnings. As an additional note, the total net profit secured by the company ...
ASRM Asuransi Ramayana’s profit grows 10.24% in Q1 2021 | IDNFinancials
08 Jun 2021 10:37 (1 bulan 24 hari lalu) - JAKARTA. PT Asuransi Ramayana Tbk (ASRM) scored a net profit of IDR 33.18 billion in Q1 2021, increasing 10.24% year-on-year (yoy) compared to Q1 2020 gain. In its recently released financial report, ASRM management indicated that this gain resulted from underwriting revenue reaching IDR 416 billion, growing by 11.2% yoy. In Q1 2021, the underwriting activities by ASRM brought in IDR 95.62 billion. Furthermore, the company managed to earn extra profit from the investment of IDR 3.02 billion. According to, ARSM is an insurance company established in 1956. It was listed on Indonesia Stock Exchange in 1990. As of March 2021, ...
ASRM Here’s what we know about COVID-19 vaccine side effects in women - MarketWatch
19 Apr 2021 12:07 (3 bulan 14 hari lalu) - Women have been more likely than men to report adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines — and public-health experts say preparing them for the range of possible side effects could help combat vaccine hesitancy. Women accounted for about 79% of adverse-event reports — most of them deemed “nonserious” — related to Pfizer PFE, +2.58%-BioNTech BNTX, +7.69% and Moderna MRNA, +6.84% coronavirus vaccine doses administered in the U.S. from Dec. 14 to Jan. 13, despite receiving only 61% of administered doses, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Anaphylaxis, a rare but potentially life-threatening allergic reaction, has al ...
ASRM Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
ASRM Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
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ASRM Laporan Bulanan Registrasi Pemegang Efek
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